Dear 2019

Dear 2019, I hope that you are not overwhelmed by all the hype, expectations, hope and all the stupid stuff people are creating already. It is the same every year, I have been observing them for many now. So yes, it’s nothing new. Even the wishes and greetings which they spam WhatsApp and Facebook with […]

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Stories I met inside people.

1. I once knew a girl whose father left her mother when she was born. People joked how he left the mother, who wasn’t yet a wife, because she was born. The single mother brought up her child with alacrity. Not once did she shame the father, or speak viciously about him. She showed me […]

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Like a Smoke Filled Room.

Despite of how we all perceive it, why do we say there’s always a silence before the storm? Not because the storm is too loud itself to make that silence felt, but because it sucks out all the noises before it comes, like water draining down a sink hole – leaving behind the wide, open […]

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8.71 crores – Day 1 collections I know of Marwari families that start arranged marriage conversations by asking, ’kitney ki party hai?’ limiting communion and all the nuance around being together to a single metric – net worth. It’s a practical filter, I must admit, which adds to the revenue of both homes. Dhadak is […]

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Left Behind.

People leave like it’s the easiest thing to do. They pack up their belongings, make check lists and book their tickets. In the middle of it all, you’re supposed to remind them to take everything and double check the bookings and the essentials.You get caught up in it, the excitement and the rush. That is, […]

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(1/2) Tumhe de bhi toh kya de; Ek bhookh hai jo baypanaah mohabbat karti hai hum se, Doosri takdeer, jise pehen kar hum aajkal izzat chupaya karte hain. Kuch hai agar dene laayak toh khwahishen hain; isse mehengi aur kuch nahi filhaal hamare paas. Tum, bas khud ko har rooz aaine mein ek baar dekh […]

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The Six-seater Car.

Imagine this: You are in a six-seater car with the people you love the most in the world. The city is close to perfect with rain glazed streets and you are out on a road trip, looking out the window, letting the wind brush against your cheeks every damn second. You’re looking at the sky, […]

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